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Diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'état
Sciences -Master - Angers

Master Ecology, sustainable development [courses taught in English]

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General information

A second year Master in environmental management

This master prepares the students to tackle ecological issues through the combined disciplines of environmental science and project management. All classes are taught in English.

Entry level


Type of program

Formation initiale

Degree upon completion


Study area

Mention Biodiversité, écologie et évolution

Parcours Écologie, développement durable

Option Environmental management and sustainable development

Type of degree

Diplôme national bac + 5 en convention avec l’université d’Angers

Work-linked training courses

No work-linked training courses


Campus UCO Angers

Tuition fees

Foreign students : 8 300 €


Discover the program


An international perspective on sustainable development

During this academic year, fully in English, and throughout study cases, fieldtrips, data collection and laboratory work, students have an international perspective on sustainable development and environmental monitoring.


A 6 month internship in France or abroad

At the end of the year, an internship allow students to use skills needed to conduct independent field research projects in natural or urban environments (direct observation and data collection, research design, field methodology…).


Professional skills to meet the needs

Students develop strong relationships with professionals through the organization of seminars, projects... Industry and agencies seek scientists with project management skills, and graduates of this program will be in high demand.


A European field experience to broaden your skills

Students gain a European perspective on ecology and sustainable development through different field experiences: fieldtrips (bassin versant de la Loire, Creuse), one-week immersion in a sustainable city (Fribourg, Germany), etc...


A one year specialization in environmental science 100 % delivered in English


They trust us

Carrefour (Belgium), Fish & Wildlife Service (USA), INRA Orléans (France), International Airport Dallas (USA), Ministry of Interior Texas (USA), Montana Conservation Corps (USA), Nature Conservancy (Canada), United Nations Environment Program Paris (France), Université College Dublin (Ireland), Uppsala Université (Sweden), Veolia Water PPS (USA)...

Examples of internships

  • Comparative management strategies: an ecological assessment of the flora and fauna of Southern Ontario Alvars
  • Enhancing environmental citizenship through the development of a nature education workshop
  • Building a culture of disaster resilience through application of space based technology
  • Conservation and education hand-in-hand towards a sustainable future in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Habitat management and monitoring at Necedah national wildlife refuge Necedah, Wisconsin, USA


Career paths

Environmental studies manager
Eco-advisor for environmental and urban planning
Sustainable development manager
Manager for open and natural spaces
Environmental engineer
Freelance consultant in urban ecology

For which profiles ?

For students who have completed their first year of a Master in a related field (biology, ecology, geography, environment, chemistry, geology, urban planning) and for students who have previously graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (in 4 years) or a Bachelor of Science (in 4 years) in any of the life and natural sciences.

How to register ?


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Program fee

Initial training : from 5 200 € à 8 250 € depending on parent incomes.

Foreign students : 8 300 €


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professional placement 6 months after graduation