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Get prepared to study in France!

Health services

UCO’s health care centre is accessible to all French and international students

UCO’s nurse’s office on the main campus


Students can benefit from UCO’s health care centre, which is located in the building Jeanneteau on the campus in Angers.


General practitioners

In France, every citizen is free to choose his / her own GP.

However, you should be aware that GPs fall into two categories:

  • Contracted doctors: they have signed an agreement with the French social security scheme. The cost of a visit to the GP’s office is 25 € while you should expect to pay a minimum of 35 € for a specialist consultation. Also consider there will be an extra charge for home visits, day or night, as well as on Sundays and Bank holidays.
  • Private doctors: their fees are much higher.

When you make an appointment, you can ask which category the doctor belongs to.


What should I do if I am ill?

The first step would be to go to the UCO’s nurse’s office. They will help you make an appointment with a doctor.
Before consulting a doctor for the very first time, you should fill in a “referring doctor” form so the general practitioner can also fill in his/her part during the consultation.
You will have to pay for the doctor’s consultation (minimum 25€). If the doctor writes a prescription for you to obtain medicine from a pharmacy, you may have to pay for this immediately. It is therefore important that you keep all proof of payment so that you can get refunded.

How much is it ?

Reimbursement of medical expenses


Students form the European Union get a refund from the medical insurance of their own country.


Reminder: All non-EU students, with the exception of those from Quebec, must be in possession of a medical insurance, valid throughout the duration of their stay at UCO, before arriving in France. Upon arrival, students must register to the French general social security system. Registration is done online by logging in to the website of the health insurance dedicated to foreign students (free of charge).

To get a refund, you have to send all required documents to CPAM - service international - 32, rue Louis Gain - 49000 Angers, France:

  • All evidence of payment
  • The treatment form (given by the GP)
  • The referring doctor form
  • Your bank account details (French bank)

The national health insurance scheme provides from 15% to 70% coverage for health expenses. The money will be transferred directly to your French bank account. Additional reimbursement is obtained from the complementary student health insurance.


Students with disabilities

If you have a disability or a condition requiring special needs and wish to study at UCO, please contact Béatrice Bernard-Gay as soon as possible. She will ask you to let her know by email the specific arrangements implemented in your home university to satisfy those needs


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