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Droit, économie, gestion - Angers

MBA* Global business administration

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General information

A university degree in international business and management

Providing students with a wide background in business and management, an intercultural approach of the international development of companies, and a specialization in finance and banking management, luxury management or creative economy through innovation management.

Entry level


Type of program

Continuing education
Full-time education

Degree upon completion


Study area

Administration in global and sustainable business management



Type of degree

University degree issued by UCO

Work-linked training courses

No work-linked training courses


Campus UCO Angers

Tuition fees

One-time fee of € 8 200



Discover the program


Stay ahead of the global business landscape with our adaptive MBA

Our MBA program stays ahead of the curve with continually evaluated and updated content to meet the evolving needs of the international business world


Accelerate your professional development with our progressive approach 

Our professionalization team provides personalized support and guidance, including securing internships, workshops, company visits, conferences, round tables, professional days, and in-company projects to complete the program. 


Benefit from a diverse and engaging faculty 

Our expert faculty, made up of 70% international academics and business professionals, delivers a comprehensive training program that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making sure to listen and respond to your needs.


Achieving your goals with personalized support

The program prioritizes each student’s success with regular check-ins with the course director, individualized meetings and close interaction with their teachers. We provide all the necessary resources to help you reach your full potential. 



An international business and management program with 3 specializations

Structure of the MBA program

  • MBA 1: Immerse yourself in 450 hours of classroom instruction and have the option to complete a 2-month internship.
  • MBA 2: Expand your knowledge with 250 hours of classes in semester 3, followed by a mandatory 6-month internship for hands-on experience.

Earning your MBA degree

Our 2-year MBA program (4 semesters, each with 30 ECTS credits) requires a total of 120 ECTS credits for completion.

Assessment and progress

  • MBA 1: Assessment methods include written exams, individual and group assignments, presentations, and case studies.
  • MBA 2: Further evaluations include written exams, individual and group assignments, presentations, case studies, and the production and defense of a thesis and internship report.

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Career paths

Project manager

For which profiles ?

Enrollement in 1st year

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management or equivalent, or another degree with background in management (such as information and communication with a course or minor in management, political science, LEA, or other).
  • Your application will be reviewed, followed by an interview to assess your goals and English proficiency.

Enrollement in 2nd year

  • Possess a Master’s degree in management sciences.
  • Undergo a review of your application and an interview to assess your goals and English proficiency.

How to register ?


I apply

Please contact the International Recruitment


My application is examined


Once received I finalize my registration

Please contact the International Recruitment

Program fee

One-time fee of € 8 200


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months internship in MBA 2
% international teachers
% in English