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Learning at UCO

UCO is committed to creating a stimulating and multicultural learning environment for all its students. In a world that is undergoing in-depth mutations, openness to new ideas, new cultures and new mindsets is a crucial asset.

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Come to UCO as a degree-seeking student

UCO enjoys an excellent reputation in high quality student support and guidance in a great work environment. Over 1,100 foreign students study at UCO each year, either to learn French as a foreign language or as exchange students for a semester or a whole year, but we also welcome many degree-seeking students. UCO will make every effort to help you with accommodation and administrative procedures, while our teaching staff will provide you with the necessary academic support and counseling. Our number one priority is to make your stay with us a lifetime experience.

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Registration at UCO

There are different ways to register at UCO, depending on whether you are an exchange student, a degree-seeking student or if you wish to learn French as a foreign language.